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Volcanic Veins - Caving in Lava Tube Leiðarendi

This speleology tour is available all year round and we’ll take you to unique locations in Iceland’s most spectacular lava tube caves and craters. These exquisite natural phenomena were formed when the surface lava solidified but magma continued to flow in the tunnels.


Leidarendi Cave Tour Description

The Leidarendi (“End of the Path”) cave is about 900 m in length and is situated in a lava field near a volcanic crater southeast of the town of Hafnarfjordur . It was first mapped in 1992. We will use narrow entrances to go into the cave and will see how they open out to reveal an amazing scenery of lava formations of astonishing colours. Once in the cave we will see all kind of fantastic forms of lava stalactites and other rock formations making this an experience of magical and almost undefinable beauty. The cave widens and becomes higher in places and the floor evens out. However, the trip can also be quite tricky at times, since we need to crawl in a few places where the cave is narrower and lower. We recommend that you have good walking shoes or hiking boots on, suitable for walking on uneven surfaces.

The Lava Field

The drive to the cave from Reykjavik only takes around 25-30 minutes and the cave's entrance is just a short distance from the road.

Stóri-Bolli (“Big-Cup”), is a scoria crater and is about 150 m in diameter. The Leidarendi lava tube was created about 2000 years ago when an eruption started in Stóri-Bolli from where its namesake lava field Stóra-Bollahraun flowed thus forming the cave within it. You will be able see the craters from the side of the cave.

The Lamb

When the cave was first discovered, the skeleton of a little lamb was found deep inside it. Nobody knows how it got there but we can be sure that it had a hard time there in the total darkness. It’s believed that the lamb might have stumbled and fallen into the cave at some point. The skeleton is still inside the cave and we will have the opportunity to see it during our tour.

On All Fours

This tour doesn’t require special skills but you have to keep in mind that you’ll be walking on uneven surfaces and at places where the ceiling is pretty low, on all fours. In some places the cave's ceiling and walls are broken or collapsed which can be a challenge. Leidarendi lava tube is considered by many to be a magnificent subterranean wonderland. The entrance is just a small pit that leads down into the cave. The cave itself actually runs in both directions and then connects in two places so it forms a line with a circle in the middle.


We'll be using torches rather than headlights, for a few reasons. The main one being that headlights are weaker than torches and it might be difficult to point them in the right direction.

Unpolluted Nature

Our main concerns during this tour are your safety and respect for nature. Here in Iceland, we want to keep natural phenomena in their raw unspoilt state so you won’t find any handrails, lights or other safety devices installed in or around the caves. We rely completely on the equipment that we bring with us and it is important that people respect our instructions. You shouldn’t be afraid to go caving in Iceland as you’ll be in safe hands with our expert guides. Cave Leiðarendi hasn't changed in over 2000 years!

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