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Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Hiking Tour

This is a trekking tour and the ideal opportunity to hike across varied terrain and enjoy the sensational and rough beauty of the Icelandic highlands. All our trekking trips are assisted treks, a comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors. This means that your luggage and food will be transported from hut to hut in a 4x4 jeep so you can only carry a daypack with lunch and extra layers of clothing. In the evenings you can relax while the guides prepare your dinner.  

Tour Highlights

During this 5-day tour you’ll experience some of the most secluded, breathtaking scenery in the world. The Laugavegur trail is renowned the world over for its extreme diversity and dazzling beauty.  After spending the first night there, we’ll move onto Hrafntinnusker, then hike through Reykjafjöll to the Jökultungur until we reach the green slopes around Álftavatn where we’ll have our second overnight stay.

On the third day we’ll have the chance to admire the magnificent Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers, as part of the Fimmvorduhals hiking trail, before we move to Emstrur for the night. The next day we’ll follow the river Emstrua, then reach Langidalur, where we’ll stay for the night in the oldest hut in Thorsmork.

On our last day we’ll continue our hike towards the plains of Krossa and by the end of the day we’ll have a truly unique opportunity to sit atop a volcano between the two glaciers of Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull.

Level: Moderate

Minimum age: 15 years old.

Accomodation: Dormitory accommodation in mountain huts​ with shared facilities. You might have to share a bunk with your fellow travellers.

Included: Pick up at your accommodation,transport, English guiding service, accommodation, meals (from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 5) and luggage transport from hut to hut.

Not included: Some of the mountain huts have hot showers, a hot shower costs 500 ISK and this is not included in the tour price.

Bring with you: see full equipment list at the bottom of page

Luggage storage: We can store your luggage at our office while you are on your hiking tour. Price 3000 ISK

Sleeping bag rental: 1 000 ISK per day.

Special diet: You can order special diet (vegetarian, vegan or gluten free). Price 1 000 ISK per person per day.

For further information:

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

We pick up all passengers from their hotels between 9 and 09:30 am, then drive out of Reykjavík along the south coast and turn inland past Iceland's most infamous and feared volcano, Hekla where we explore the hidden waterfall at its feet. On our way from Hekla to Landmannalaugar we drive through recently formed lava fields and learn about the old trails that farmers used to drive sheep to Reykjavik for trading. We’ll make a stop at one of the rest areas they used, at Landmannahellir cave, and also at the spectacular crater Ljótipollur (“Ugly pool”). With a few photo-stops along the way we’ll reach Landmannalaugar by midday. You can enjoy the multicoloured scenery during a few short hikes and have a dip in the famous geothermal brook before and after dinner.

Day 2

Hiking : 10-12 hrs

Distance : 24km

Ascent : 470m

Descent : 470m

Our hike will start from Landmannalaugar in the direction of Hrafntinnusker through the distinct rhyolite fields, sulphur steam vents, mud pools and steaming hot springs at Stórihver. On the way we’ll pass obsidian fields and reach the stunning views at Hrafntinnusker. We’ll have lunch and a short rest by the hut where we can also use the facilities. After the break we’ll continue hiking along Reykjafjöll to the Jökultungur area passing by more hot springs and looking at receding glaciers along the way. If the conditions allow it we’ll visit an ice cave too. From Jökultungur we’ll make a sharp descent to the green grassy slopes around Álftavatn where we’ll spend the night listening to ghost stories in the twilight after dinner. We’ll also cross the first river of our trek on the way to Álftavatn, so it’s best to bring sandals or wading shoes.

Day 3

Hiking : 6-7 hrs

Distance : 15km

Descent : 40m   

From Álftavatn Lake we’ll start the day with another refreshing stream crossing at the foot of the magnificent Stórasúla volcano and into the Mælifellssandur desert formed by catastrophic floods around 2500 years ago. We’ll pass Hattafell on the way there, a volcano with a bizarre flat top, then cross this black glacial desert onto Emstrur and admire the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers. Next to the hut in Botnar we can explore the vast canyons of the 200 m deep Markarfljót river with its red and black walls. Depending on the weather conditions, the guide might also take the group off the beaten track and follow the old sheep trails through hidden valleys.

Day 4

Hiking : 6-7 hrs

Distance : 15km

Descent : 300m

From the Emstrur hut we’ll set off to the breathtaking gorge of the Emstruá river and cross it through a narrow bridge with the impressive stream of glacial mud thrashing around beneath us. On the way we’ll pass beautiful basalt columns and deep canyons, then we’ll head south with the unusually shaped mountain of Einhyrningur (“Unicorn”) on our right. We’ll enter the birch forests of Thorsmork in the afternoon and cross a small glacial river on foot along the way. Our accommodation for  the night is in Langidalur , in the oldest hut in Thorsmork, from where you’ll have astonishing views to the dazzling white glacier of Eyjafjallajökull .

Day 5

Hiking : 8-9 hrs

Distance : 16km

Ascent : 1000m   

We leave Langidalur and hike across the plains of Krossá into the lush birch forests at Básar. We’ll go up into the Strákagil gorge along Kattarhryggir (“Cat‘s spine”) and towards the craters Magni and Modi which were formed by a short eruption in 2010, a kind of prelude for the large eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. The craters are situated at 1000 meters above sea level so we our hike will take us through snowfields before reaching our destination. It is a truly memorable experience to sit atop a volcano between the two glaciers of Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull .

You will be dropped off at your accommodation in Reykjavik at the end of the tour.


Full equipment list : 

  • Note: Some of the mountain huts have hot showers, a hot shower costs 500 ISK and this is not included in the tour price.
  • Hiking boots, good sturdy boots with sufficient ankle support for walking on rough trails. They should have a robust sole and preferably be waterproof
  • Long sleeve top, thermal underwear made of wool or synthetics, not cotton
  • Rain jacket with a hood,preferably of breathable fabric such as Gore tex or similar
  • Rain trousers, preferably of breathable fabric such as Gore tex or similar
  • Gloves and mittens, one pair each. Wool or synthetic
  • Hiking socks, wool or synthetic, 2-3 pairs
  • Warm hat and/or balaclava
  • Backpack, 25-40 L  River shoes, old sneakers or similar for fording rivers.
  • Sleeping bag and travel pillow
  • Travel sack for your baggage that is transported between huts. Suitcases are not recommended
  • Towel
  • Swimsuit
  • Tooth brush and personal toiletries
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Hiking poles
  • Gaiters
  • Pen knife
  • Camera, batteries, memory card
  • Book
  • Headlamp for trips in late season, after August 10th.
  • Earplugs
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