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Golden Circle Private Tour (Super Jeep)

This journey has it all. Beautiful waterfalls, the full surprising Geysir area, the national park Þingvellir and a touch of one of Iceland´s all powerful glaciers.

Better bring your camera with loaded batteries and lots of free memory. This journey presents a lot of photo opportunities as we ease east onwards from Reykjavik. At Þingvellir, now a national park, Icelands history was shaped. This was the nations first parliament founded in 930 A.D. This area has many spectacular natural surroundings, one amongst is the North Atlantic rift which divides America and Europe. This was also a location for Game of Thrones.

At the Geysir area, Strokkur goes about it´s business all day, everyday. It is just amazing to see it erupt every few minutes and also to observe other geyser activity on the premise. Just a moment from Geysir, Gullfoss lies with all it´s beauty. Many tales, myths and other stories can and have been told about this place and one can forget one self just staring at this massive waterfall.

Langjökull, or the Long glacier, lies just above Gullfoss. After travelling a very "bumpy" road covered with stones similar in size and shape as basketballs, the glacier is reached. One cannot describe the cold and the power coming from the mass of the compressed snow. And the view...

At sometime in this route we stop for lunch. We travel by local time, meaning that we never follow the clock. If we are eating lunch, chances are that the time is somewhere in the region of 12:00. Watches or clocks are not necessary in precious travels.

On the way back there is good sport to drive the "1000 water path". The name derives from going from the route 1, up to the hills and driving behind the mountains on the way to Reykjavik. On this particular route, the vehicle crosses the same river so many times, it feels like a thousand. Water splashing and beautiful settings.

This journey does not only provide beautiful sceneries and excellent photo opportunities, but it also ticks off a lot of unmissable boxes in your visit to Iceland

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