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Landmannalaugar on Big Wheels - Mountain Adventure

The landscapes in the highlands of Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve are one of a kind so prepare for a mind-blowing experience. You will really enjoy travelling by super jeep, it’s a one of a kind adventure with a relaxed atmosphere due the the smaller group sizes.    

Tour Highlights

This one day tour will let you experience the Icelandic landscapes in a super jeep. We’ll visit the Thjorsardalur valley, stop at the Hjálparfoss waterfall and drive to Landmannalaugar to enjoy a hike and a bath in the hot pools. We’ll take the Dómadalur route on the way back and stop to see the Hekla volcano, Iceland’s most active one.

  Note: This is "off-road" in the meaning of traveling on already existing, well marked trails in the rugged terrain of the highlands, on unpaved roads. Creating new trails by driving off-road would be illegal, as it would permanently damage the fragile environment. 

Tour Description

Natural Habitat for Super Jeeps

Starting from Reykjavik our route will take us to the Thjorsardalur valley where we’ll have our first stop at Hjálparfoss waterfall , which directly translated mans “The Helping Falls”. The name comes from the old times when travelers arriving at this abundant area let their horses graze and recover.

After Hjálparfoss we'll be leaving the green farmlands of the lowland and heading for the highlands with their stunning wilderness. The highlands are the super jeep's natural habitat. We will cross rivers and drive on coarse gravel roads on our way to Landmannalaugar, an experience to remember. Our next stop is at Ljótipollur Crater Lake, formed in 1477 and now filled with a cobalt-blue deep waters. We’ll also stop at lake Frostastaðavatn, before reaching our main destination.

Landmannalaugar is a region forged by varied and fascinating geological elements, such as extensive lava fields and multicoloured rhyolite mountains. The mountains are a true rainbow of colors, ranging from pink to brown and green, with bursts of blue, yellow, purple and black in between. Here you’ll have a good opportunity to take out your lunch-packs or snacks and have a picnic upon arrival at Landmannalaugar, before we take off for a short hike.

If you don’t feel like a hike you can go straight to the pool for a relaxing bath. Those who join the hour’s hike can also unwind in the pool afterwards or explore the area on their own before we head back to Reykjavik.

On our way to town we will follow the Dómadalur route that takes us through lava fields and between the mountains, truly a unique scenery. In the old days,vikings would drown thieves there by binding their hands and feet and throwing them into the falls from the high cliff. We will also stop by the Hekla volcano and walk through the lava fields. Hekla was nicknamed "the Gateway to Hell" in the Middle Ages for good reason – it's Iceland’s most active volcano with the last eruption as recent as the year 2000. We’ll head back to the city in the evening sun.

The Geothermal Pool

Make sure to bring a swimsuit and grab the chance to bathe in this warm natural pool. The colourful rhyolite mountains that fill the view at Landmannalaugar indicate the ever present geothermal activity. We hope that the memories of Landmannalaugar's magnificent scenery and the thrilling super jeep excursion will stay with you forever.
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