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Northern Lights tours minibus

Here is how it works: Every day we take a look at the forecast for the evening. First, you need activity of the lights. Second, you need to have a clear sky. And last you need to get out of the city to rid of the light pollution.

If conditions are favorable, we send you an email and we do the tour. If we don´t find any lights, you have the option of going again for free. Just notify us at info@madebyiceland.com before 14:00 on the same day. If the tour never operates due to unfavorable weather conditions, you will be refunded a 100%

The description: Words simply cannot justify the sight of this spectacular phenomenon. It’s an experience that we know you will want to savour and enjoy.

So, with this in mind, our Northern Lights tours have been created accordingly - with an absolute emphasis on the word ‘experience’. First off, we will start our hunt for the Northern Lights with a bit of pre-planning via the Aurora forecast and start our exploration by heading in that direction. Should ‘that direction’ lead us over mountain tracks and rivers – then fear not for our Jeep tour (21.900 ISK) are suitably equipped to tackle such terrain.  

Our minibus tour (9.900 ISK) takes you comfortably towards the proposed location of the lights, in a group no bigger than 16 people. We like to keep a good connection with our customers and even though the minibus fits more, we do not exceed this number. 

Once (and if) the elusive lights appear its time to pull over, set up the chairs and blankets, and take in the spectacular swirling overhead light show. Now is the time we break out the hot chocolate and Icelandic pastries known as ‘kleina’ (a sort of twisted, yummy doughnut) – all of which are included in the tour price. 

Could there ever be a better moment? 


Northern Lights Tours Details:

  • Departure: 10 pm 20. Aug - 15. Oct, 9 pm 16. Aug - 1. Apr

  • Duration 4 hrs

  • Available Aug 20 - Apr 15

  • Small group: minibus never more than 15 people, jeep max 6 people

  • Pick up and drop off anywhere in Reykjavik area

  • Also available as private tour

  • Pick up and drop off anywhere in Reykjavik area

What´s Included: 

  • Pick up 30 mins prior to departure, at any location in Reykjavik area
  • Hot chocolate and Icelandic 'kleina'
  • Camping Rocking Chairs
  • Wool blankets to keep warm
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Drop off, back in Reykjavik

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