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March 20, 2017

“ Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

—Leo Tolstoy

Midnight sun in Iceland 

As off from now, here in Iceland the day becomes longer than the night. (jeiiii)  It’s the beginning of spring and the daylight will grow and grow until midsummer when the sun almost doesn’t disappear from the horizon. After the long dark nights it is time for new beginnings as everything around us starts to wake up and the road calls for travellers to explore new places and experience the beauty of this magical land.

Mountains reflecting in the midnight sun in Iceland

(This picture was shot around 3am somewhere in the West of Iceland...) 

And there’s a pretty simple explanation for these long nights in the winter and so much light in the summer... The position on the globe as it swings itself around. Shown brilliantly here in this GIF animation. 

Northern lights in Iceland

But winter is not yet completely gone. So if you are in Iceland or planning to come here over the next few days and want to go on the hunt for the Northern Lights, don’t despair because, in fact, the aurora activity is usually at a peak straight after the spring equinox. In the next few days, watch closely the forecast and you might be in for a real treat of the fiery enchanted display of flickering lights... Especially 28. March to 2. April as everything is glowing red already in the forecasts. 

graph of Aurora forecast

Another quirky fact about Iceland, we don’t actually have four seasons even though it feels sometimes like you can see all four in a matter of just one day. There’s only winter and summer that we acknowledge so even though the 2017 Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere is today, 20th March, for us it’s still officially winter. Summer, however is almost here and will follow in a couple of weeks, 18th of April being it’s official start.

So, a great time to start making plans for your trip to Iceland and check out all the inside tips and tours handpicked by our team.

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