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May 10, 2017

So how should I dress for Iceland? 

It can be cold and damp, it can even feel absolutely freezing when you are in Iceland and with the blustering wind, rain, sleet and snow (often all at once or within a few short moments of each other) it can be extremely challenging to stay warm and dry here. So you might be tempted to just pile on the layers and forget about looks and style. After all, you’d say, who cares if you look like a shaggy troll, when the most important thing is to keep warm while enjoying the outdoors?

Well, yes and no. It’s true that you can wear whatever you like and nobody would blink an eye at you in Iceland. Comfort is a key thing and we totally appreciate that. But on the other hand, you don’t have to make too much of an effort to turn even the most practical outdoor getup into a stylish and unique combo. Because one thing that you might not realize before you visit Iceland is that it is possible to look good even when there’s a wild storm going on outside, and without compromising on warmth or comfort.

Iceland Design

The spectacular natural beauty, friendly atmosphere and many opportunities to enjoy travelling have led to a tremendous (and growing) number of people who are attracted to visiting Iceland. But it’s not only the scenery that’s drawing the interest, the people of Iceland are also attracting the attention as we are a quirky and whimsical lot, always ready to take on a challenge and unleash our creative juices. The country is home to many artists, musicians, inventors and a countless number of gifted people who are the embodiment of the Nordic spirit. When it comes to fashion there is a growing number of cool designers who have taken it to heart to create their unique style which is both comfortable, off-the-wall, sleek and modern.  

So, whether you are in downtown Reykjavik or in the middle of nowhere, expect to see a great variety of dressing styles from the classily understated to the totally offbeat and anything in between. You’ll love it for sure!


For a truly local look you cannot ignore the marvellous Icelandic knitted sweaters. The “lopapeysa”  is not just a boring old pullover and certainly not invented as a souvenir for tourists. We Icelanders love them and wear them indoors and outdoors. The fine lambswool produced from the Icelandic sheep is a great material which keeps you warm, it’s breathable and water repellent and doesn’t retain odours as cotton or synthetics do for example. We cannot stop singing the praise of the lopapeysa and once you have seen the huge variety of colours, patterns and shapes, you’ll fall in love with them for sure. It’s the perfect combination of great design and looks, and there’s a style for everyone to call their own.

Local Designers in Focus

There are many local designers that are making their mark and creating truly attention-grabbing clothing. One of them really stands out and is my personal favorite - Farmers Market . According to their own words, they are where “heritage meets modernity, the national meets the international”. Which is absolutely true and you can see it in the carefully crafted mens and womens garments made out of hand-picked materials of the highest quality that will certainly keep you feeling and looking good at the same time.

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