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October 05, 2018

Best gas price in Iceland

I am pretty sure you did not come to Iceland to shop furniture at IKEA or to make crazy deals at Costco. But there is some magic happening at IKEA and Costco that is a very nice option for travellers. Since Costco opened 2017 Icelanders have been loving to shop there and stock up their supplies. We love Costco not just for the fact that they dropped prices on a huge selection of items and food available here in Iceland, but also for the fact they started offering gas prices that no other gas company had offered before. And it means a lot to a small country like Iceland.

So before you head out to the countryside in Iceland be sure to go to Costco and fill up your car with the cheapest gas in Iceland, get your food supplies and if you need you can buy a new tent or warm clothes. All you need is your Costco members card (works all over the world) and you can shop away! The only downside is that they only have this one gas station located in Garðabær (see map at bottom... IKEA is also at the same location) but going the extra mile is going to safe you cash.  

Best restaurant in Iceland?

Then we come to the other good thing on the same location. And that is IKEA! Well it is hard not to love IKEA because they have been very nice to us Icelanders trough the years, keeping prices very low and some years ago they opened a restaurant in their store and it is just fantastic. Unbelievably low prices for a good home cooked meal. And has become very popular. Now don´t take me wrong here, and expect large lobster or some five course meal. But rather a nice good home cooked menu with traditional Icelandic food amongst them like salmon, Icelandic lamb and even Icelandic Kjötsúpa. To top it all they offer ice-cold Icelandic milk for free with your meal.   

If you are traveling in a camper you could get some cheap things for coffee-making, cooking or something useful like a blanket. IKEA will offer very good prices so you can start your amazing trip to the countryside both with a full stomach and a full gas tank.

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